You know how certain smells create a strong memory of that particular time in your life? For instance, if I were to have you imagine walking down your elementary school hall, I bet a nostalgic scent of washable markers, pencil shavings, and hand soap comes to mind. Can you smell it? One of my favorite smell-linked memories is of the dark room in my high school yearbook class. It’s a chemically smell of developer, stop bath and fixer, and it’s wonderful. Fast-forward 20 years, and while I don’t develop my own pictures, I do still love photography. Capturing moments with a click is one of my favorite things in the world, whether that’s just a regular day in the back yard with my kids, on a backpacking trip through mountains, or taking family pictures for friends.

I would love to capture those moments for you!! I’m based out of Loveland, Colorado and take family, kids, and couples portraits. I can’t wait to meet you!

Session includes:

-One hour at location

-Photo editing of 25 images

-Access to digital prints and all rights to them (you can print and post them however you’d like!)


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