Month: March 2014

Learning the Ways of the Force

My husband warned me if I posted this I might loose all my readers due to extremely nerdy content. I apologize in advance!   A few months ago as I was thumbing through the DVDs at our library I was thrilled to come across… Continue Reading “Learning the Ways of the Force”

Lessons Learned in a 5K

I should start this story explaining that I’m not really a runner. If I were to make such a claim it would be an insult to my amazing friends who really are. I admire their dedication, stamina, and abilities so much and would love… Continue Reading “Lessons Learned in a 5K”

The Bedtime Battle

Seven. That’s the number of trips I made into my boys’ room last night. Three times for bad dreams, once for a stuffy nose, once for a drink, once for falling out of bed, and once just because. By the fifth time I might… Continue Reading “The Bedtime Battle”

When the Sun’s Commin’ Up I got Cakes on the Griddle

My husband and I met in college. Just like many college students, I was living off of cereal, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and spaghetti. I was a lousy cook. My husband on the other hand ate really, really well. When we started dating… Continue Reading “When the Sun’s Commin’ Up I got Cakes on the Griddle”