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The Truth about Motherhood (according to me)

It was a beautiful summer afternoon as we pulled into the park and were greeted by my husband’s new co-workers. Little did I know that this work picnic, the first of many, would be one that would go down in infamy for our family… Continue Reading “The Truth about Motherhood (according to me)”

Learning the Ways of the Force

My husband warned me if I posted this I might loose all my readers due to extremely nerdy content. I apologize in advance!   A few months ago as I was thumbing through the DVDs at our library I was thrilled to come across… Continue Reading “Learning the Ways of the Force”

Lessons Learned in a 5K

I should start this story explaining that I’m not really a runner. If I were to make such a claim it would be an insult to my amazing friends who really are. I admire their dedication, stamina, and abilities so much and would love… Continue Reading “Lessons Learned in a 5K”

The Bedtime Battle

Seven. That’s the number of trips I made into my boys’ room last night. Three times for bad dreams, once for a stuffy nose, once for a drink, once for falling out of bed, and once just because. By the fifth time I might… Continue Reading “The Bedtime Battle”

My Thoughts on Monkeys and Tests…

Years ago when our oldest son was not quite two I remember having a conversation while eating lunch. It went about like this: Mom: “…so Daddy is a boy and Mommy is a girl.” R: “Auntie M a girl?” Mom: “Yep, and uncle A… Continue Reading “My Thoughts on Monkeys and Tests…”

Nightmare at the Grocery Store

I like to think that I’m not alone in having a horror story like this. The grocery store can take on a feel of a house of terror when you have little “helpers,” and this trip wasn’t any different from others. I’d put off… Continue Reading “Nightmare at the Grocery Store”