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That Awkward Stage of Motherhood

You know that stage of motherhood when your children are too old for mommy and me playdates, but you’re not quite ready to throw your lot in with the Empty Nesters Knitting Needles Group? When you catch yourself pointing out cows as you drive to an empty back seat, routinely pulling out grey hairs, and contemplating bangs to hide your wrinkles? That stage. The one when you send all your children off to school every morning and are so ready to spread your wings of independence, but are afraid to fly.

Ahh, the middle school years of motherhood. Minus the pimples… unless you eat an entire tray of brownies because you don’t have any children around to remind you that you’re supposed to be the adult. Please tell me this awkward stage passes quickly.


Answers to prayers often come in unexpected ways, and often with timing different than what we had hoped. But it does come exactly how we need it. Sometimes it comes in the form of a stomach bug leaving you puking your guts out in the bathroom at 2 am. Sometimes it comes in the form of a life-changing diagnosis and a reminder that He’s in control. He answers our prayers, no matter how or when or where, because we are all one-in-a-million to Him.

Glimmer of Hope

I’ve always loved a good old “good triumphs over evil” story. Where the unlikely hero wins, the good guy gets the girl, the dragon is defeated, the treasure is returned to the deserving and rightful heirs. Who doesn’t love a happy ending? When our… Continue Reading “Glimmer of Hope”

To Be Needed

5am. I hear a little whimper outside the bedroom door. I groan and roll myself out of the comfort of the covers. I turn the knob. “Mommy?” That little, froggy voice fills the quiet of the morning as he pulls his doggie by the… Continue Reading “To Be Needed”


Honestly, deep down I was hoping for a girl. I feel ashamed to admit it, but after bringing three wonderful, energetic, hyper, happy little fellas into this world, I had convinced myself that it was high time our house was adorned with a bit… Continue Reading “Outnumbered”

And They Lived Happily Ever After (why marriage has been worth all the work)

Originally posted on Catching Crawfish:
This past weekend my husband and I loaded up our car with snacks, games, books, and music and buckled our kids in their car seats for a nine-hour drive. Our boys could hardly contain their excitement to play with…

The Green-Eyed Monster

Originally posted on Catching Crawfish:
In December I was asked to play the role of “miss every-day mom” for a little pretend pageant at church. Apparently I was a pretty good fit for the part. About a week before performance night we were sent…

With the Courage of a Child

Every year our church has what we call “the Primary Program.” It’s an opportunity for all of the children (ages 3-11) to share with the congregation what they have learned throughout the year and sing the songs that have become near and dear to… Continue Reading “With the Courage of a Child”

The Lesser Known Reasons You Should Have Children

A few days ago I published Murphy’s Laws of Motherhood. As I finished listing all of the ironies, I realized anyone contemplating motherhood might read that and say, “EEK! Kids? No thank you. That sounds like a nightmare!” If you’ve read my blog before,… Continue Reading “The Lesser Known Reasons You Should Have Children”

Black Eyes, ER Visits, and That Sweet Reminder of What Being a Mom is All About

I knew the day would eventually come. With three rambunctious, happy, crazy boys the rush to the emergency room was bound to happen sooner or later. I have to admit, having gone six years with only one or two visits to the doctor for… Continue Reading “Black Eyes, ER Visits, and That Sweet Reminder of What Being a Mom is All About”