Our Top 10 Favorite Christmas Picture Books This Year

I have a love/hate relationship with the holiday season. Love because, well, its Christmas! Everything is magical and wonderful and everyone has holiday cheer twinkling in their eyes. The Scrooge in me hates it because all the Christmas trimmings seem to always come with those disgusting, horrible, joy-sucking cold and flu germs.

Over Thanksgiving break we apparently unpacked plenty of those nasty critters along with our ornaments and mistletoe because all four of my boys spent more than a week laying on the couch, wrapped up in a blanket, acting like they’ve been hit by a train. And–bonus!–they infected just about everyone around the Thanksgiving table, including my cute 1-year-old niece. Nothing like sharing germs to express your gratitude for your family.

If there’s one good thing about having sick kids around the holidays its that you have ample opportunities to read all of those Christmas pictures books you’ve had waiting in a box the last 11 months. Reading Christmas stories to my kids all through December is definitely my favorite holiday tradition. And snotty noses or not, my kids love it too.

I thought I’d share with you our 10 favorites this year, and I’d love to hear what you’re reading this season! We always love finding new Christmas books to add to our collection. And hopefully you are enjoying your books cough and fever free. We’re hoping to soon!

  • Who’s That Knocking on Christmas Eve? Jan Berett books are some of my absolute favorites. My kids love the layout, and the illustrations are amazing.
  • What Santa Can’t Do We found this one at the library in November and decided right off the bat that it was going to be a 2019 favorite. I think we’ve read it at least thirty times and my youngest thinks it’s hilarious.
  • The Perfect Christmas Tree This was in the discard pile at the library a few years ago. It’s kind of long, but it makes me cry every time. I think I like it better than my kids, but they love it too!
  • The Christmas Train This is a great one to teach about the happiness giving can bring. I love that it’s a true story, and I love the author.
  • An Otis Christmas Loren Long is an amazing illustrator. All of my boys have been obsessed with his version of The Little Engine That Could, and we think the Otis books are brilliant. This is my number one Christmas favorite every year to read to the kids.
  • Dear Polar Bear Ok, this isn’t technically a Christmas book, but it somehow made it into our Christmas box a few years back and has stayed there since. It’s about a polar bear living in the North Pole, which is kinda Christmas-y, right? The little letters you can pull out are fun, and the surprise at the end is pretty cute. It’s a good one about friendship.
  • The Candy Bomber This was a new one to us this year, and my older boys, who are getting a little old for really enjoying the picture books, like this one a lot. It’s a little over my younger boys’ heads, but they enjoy it well enough. It’s a true story from WWII, which they think is fascinating. This one also makes me cry.
  • Dinosaur Christmas It’s about dinosaurs, and I have boys. I think I’ve read this one more than any other Christmas book over the last few years. It’s short too, which is nice if you have lots of other Christmas fun going on and the night gets away from you.
  • Little Blue Truck Christmas It will be a sad day for me when my youngest doesn’t want me to read him one of the Little Blue Truck books every night. This Christmas one is just as cute at the other Little Blue Truck books, and my kids especially love how it lights up at the end!
  • Mr. Willowby’s Christmas Tree When we got this from the library and read it that night, I decided we needed to buy it to add to our collection. It’s about how one tree brings Christmas cheer to many as the top gets chopped off over and over to fit each different home.

I would love to hear what books your kiddos are enjoying snuggled up around the Christmas Tree this year!

Happy reading!

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