Be You

I love personality tests. Not the “Which Downton Abbey Character Are You?” type. I’m talking the real deal. Myers Briggs, Winslow Personality Assessment, Keirsey Temperament Sorter… The ones that leave you feeling completely exposed, like someone just dug out your soul and splattered it across the computer screen.

When my mom sent me this test that she’d taken in a class, I dropped everything I was doing and sat down at the computer. Take a look into the depths of my innermost being? I just couldn’t resist.

Turns out I’m a mediator. Any other mediators out there? As I read the description I couldn’t help but wonder if Professor Trelawney and Luna Lovegood would run in the same crowd as me. Guess it could be worse…

Of course once you’ve found out who you are, you must convince everyone you come in contact with to give it a try too. I quickly recruited my husband. If you know my husband, you might understand how comical answering some of these questions would be. For example, one question says, “After a long and exhausting week, a fun party is just what you need.” “Fun party” is a complete oxymoron in his mind. And adding his name to a sentence with party?” That’s just ludicrous (at least when considered in the sense most would define a party). Even the assumption had my kids rolling in their seats with laughter.

We both lean toward the introvert side, but that’s pretty much where our personality similarities stop. Apparently I live in a fantasy world while my husband is a realist. He is analytical, I’m unsystematic. He’s blunt, I avoid any and all conflict. He’s focused and driven, I’m indecisive. If we aren’t a testament to the saying “opposites attract,” I’m not sure what is.

I think what I love so much about personality tests is seeing how different everyone is. Each letter represents an entirely different way of thinking, living, and experiencing life. How cool is that? Some people actually find it relaxing to go to a wild party after an exhausting week? Mind blown (I have to agree with my husband there). The fact that my husband is more direct and blunt is wonderful when a salesman comes to the door. If it weren’t for him, we’d have a lifetime supply of Girl Scout cookies and Hoover vacuums crammed in every closet.

Years ago I taught an adult class in church with another lady who happened to be very dynamic. She was funny, clever, and just incredibly likeable. I picture her Myers-Briggs test coming back as a charismatic, social butterfly. Me? Most definitely not. I loved working with her, but I couldn’t help but wonder if it was a disappointment to my class when it came my turn to teach. Her lessons were amazing and full of funny stories, insightful thoughts, and keen observations. My goal each Sunday, on the other hand, was to talk as little as possible and have everyone else’s comments do the teaching. The less I had to be in the limelight, the better. Then one day, as I prepared my lesson, I had this thought hit me like a ton of bricks. “You aren’t Alice (name changed). You aren’t meant to be her. You are meant to be YOU. And someone in that class needs you. Someone needs the quiet, reserved, awkward, and thoughtful you. Stop doubting, stop apologizing, and start being who you are meant to be!” Letting go of our insecurities is such a difficult thing. I still have a ways to go to being comfortable in my own skin, but what an incredible, freeing feeling to not be encumbered with the self-doubt and constant comparison.

“Don’t compare yourself with others. That is a battle you will never win.” Michelle Parsons

We all are meant to be different. Imagine if we all acted, dressed, thought, and performed the same as everyone else? What a disaster that would be. I’m thankful for the people in my life that balance me out and push me to be a little more. Not to mention to fill in the gaps that I just cannot fill. We are given the traits we have in order to make a difference in this world: a difference unlike any another person can give. And that, my friends, is a truly wonderful, magical, and beautiful thing.

If you take the personality test, I would love to hear what you get! Let me know in the comments. The questions only takes a few minutes and the results are really quite in depth. And you don’t even have to give out your email.

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