A Little More

The hostess slipped two menus off the desk. “Right this way, please.” I smiled to myself as we passed by the high chairs. That’s right, two. No high chairs for us. No crayons, no kiddie menus no over-priced macaroni, no bibs. Just a table for two. I could count on one hand the times in the last three years my husband and I had been out on a true, blue, honest-to-goodness date. You know, not the ones that involve doing dishes together after the kids are asleep then watching the much-anticipated episode of Downton Abbey. An actual date!


That day I had spent crunching numbers. My husband had spent the day attempting to do his work while making dozens of phone calls to the county. Our septic system has been on the fritz since we moved in, and that week’s batch of laundry seemed to have done it in. Like all unexpected expenses, I can’t say we were any too thrilled about this rather large project, nor the amount it would cost. Financially we would be just fine, but it certainly wouldn’t be convenient. I could think of dozens of ways I’d prefer to spend our savings, but so goes life.

We dropped the boys off at our friends’ house for a fun pizza and movie night and continued our conversation of worries in the car. Spending money on dinner seemed a little silly considering our newest rather large expense looming in the near future, but we had planned it all week, and this was an outing that we rarely had a chance to take.

We settled in the booth and vowed to not talk any more about that blasted septic system and just enjoy our night away. Instead, our conversation turned to our kids (what else?) and then to the kindness people have shown us and how we want to be more like them. From our friends offering to watch our kids for the night, to grandparents and aunts and uncles who do so much, to the small acts of service we’ve witnessed over the years. As we were getting ready to leave, the waitress came to our table. “Would you like any dessert?” We shook our heads and thanked her. “Well, you are all set to go. That couple over there paid for your tab. Yes, all of it. You can just go when you are ready.” I turned away hoping the waitress didn’t see the tears welling up in my eyes. The two generous people were slipping their jackets on and briskly walking to the door before we could catch them. I had read about things like that in the paper, but to actually be the recipient touched me to the core.

Out of all the couples sitting in that restaurant, why had they chosen us? They didn’t know about our unexpected septic system expense or that we rarely got a chance to go out as a couple. They didn’t hear our conversation about selfless kindness, but they gave us yet another example of goodness to add to our list.

A little more. It’s amazing what a difference a small act of kindness can make. It doesn’t have to be money. Share a little more smiles, be a little more patient, say a little more kind words, listen a little more closely. Give a little more love, offer a little more help, be a little more conscientious. A little more. That’s all it would take, just a little more every day. We have no idea what story is hidden in each person. We don’t know what they are experiencing. Why not show them, give them, just a little more? I’m grateful for wonderful examples of kindness I have so often witnessed. To that kind couple who slipped away at the restaurant on Friday night before we could offer our thanks, your kindness warmed my heart.

This is one of my favorite little clips on kindness. I hope you can take a second and watch it!

8 Comments on “A Little More

  1. Wow, that is a great heart warming story!! I like the idea of a little more, because yes, sometimes that is all it takes to be a blessing to someone. What an amazing lesson you learned that day… So glad that you and your husband could have a much deserved night out too. 🙂

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    • It definitely made me want to do something nice in turn. I’m thankful there are such good people in this world! I wish we could have said thank you. And yes, it was very nice to get out for an evening!


  2. How nice! I’m so glad you were the recipients of such a random act of kindness…..kind of makes you think someone upstairs was glad you took that time for yourselves, huh?

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  3. I am always so touched by the lovely, beautiful, gracious, and grateful young woman you have become. You do all of us who have watched you grow up proud. I love you, sweet Chelsi.

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    • Sheila, that’s one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me. Thank you! I certainly owe a huge thanks to those who were there as I grew up. I learned much from the goodness of those people, like you. Even after all these years I still so much appreciate your love and kindness. It’s nice to come home and feel like someone is still there that cares. Love you too!


  4. Wow, what a great way to brighten my morning. Reading your post and how kind that couple was just beautiful. There really are so many wonderful, thoughtful people in the world. I hope that my husband and I can pay it forward to someone else at some point. How thrilling it is to bring happiness to someone else through unexpected kindness! P.s. i hope things are going better with the septic! That does not sound fun.


  5. It really was a refreshing reminder that this world is full of good people! I’m glad that their kindness could touch you as well. 🙂 I agree, I hope someday I can pay it forward too. My husband’s grandparents were incredibly selfless people, and she would always say when we asked how we would ever repay her, “Others blessed our lives long ago. You just do the same for someone else.” And thanks for the well-wishes with the septic tank! We are crossing our fingers that we can get it fixed this week!


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