Observations of a Mother

When my first son was a baby, we had an absolutely amazing paediatrician. My husband and I, naive, brand-spanking new young parents, hung on to his every word, did everything he said, and took every little bit of advice as gospel truth. If he would have told us to feed our kid a tablespoon of chocolate syrup and a jar of pickles every night before bed, by golly, we probably would have done it.


So when he recommended reading Scientist in the Crib, we picked it up at the book store on the way home from his office and read it that very night. Basically, to sum it up in one sentence, it was about how children learn an unbelievable amount in a very short time. They are truly incredible tiny human beings! An interesting book with great information.

In the past six years I’ve been doing a bit of observing of my own. A little less scientific in nature and much more informal, but I do believe that my results are fairly informative and note-worthy. In my six years of study, I’ve concluded (similar to the studies cited in Scientist in the Crib) that children have talent unparalleled to that found in the adult world. Here’s some evidence backing my findings…


1. Children have the uncanny ability to go through six outfits in 30 minutes. Eight, if you include the adult caring for the child.

2. A mere tablespoon of peanutbutter can be smeared over their entire body, making it seem like it was an entire jar.

3. They can eat a bug and not even be phased by the squirmy legs going down their throats. Then do it again moments later.

4. They have the amazing ability to remember how you’d promised eight months prior that you would buy them a fish for their fourth birthday, then make sure you held to that promise by giving those puppy-dog eyes and reminding you over and over how you’d promised those many, many months ago (thinking they’d forget).


5. They can become best buddies with the complete stranger behind the checkout counter at the grocery store in one visit.

6. A perfectly spotless house can become a train-wreck in a matter of minutes using their superior demolition skill.

7. Using bare hands they can crush the nastiest, ugliest crawling creature without a tinge of disgust or fear.


8. While eating home-made cookies, they can detect exactly which ingredient you’d forgot to add.

9. They know 54 more uses for a wooden spoon that you’d never even dreamed of.

10. As soon as they fall asleep, they have this amazing ability to transform into the sweetest, most precious angel you’ve ever seen, despite the fact that they had just accomplished #6.


11. A bouquet of dandelions can become as beautiful as a dozen long-stemmed roses when they are picked by a child.

12. They have total and unwavering faith in something they have never seen.


13. After you have eaten the last few bites of the cookie left on their plate (thinking they were all through) then find out they’d planned to save it for later, they have the talent to, after some tears, forgive and forget and still love you enough to share next time.

14. They can fight furiously with a little brother that hit them on the head with a giant block and ran away with their monkey, then want to play cars with them a minute later.

And finally…

15. Children have the unparalleled talent to make you laugh, cry bawl, have a panic attack, jump for joy, feel unbelievable frustration, want to hug them till their eyes bulge, scream, cheer, squeal, and sing all in a matter of five minutes. I’d like ot see an actor or actress in Hollywood evoke such emotions.


I find myself in awe at all that my children can accomplish in a day (and often what I feel like I can’t accomplish because of it!). They truly are amazing, talented, little scientists that have abilities I wish so much I still had. In so many ways I feel like they are such better people than I am. I try every day to be more loving, more forgiving, more brave and courageous, and more filled with faith because of the example they set. I’m thankful every day for those three little rascals and all their talents and abilities!



…What did I forget? Any observations you’ve made watching your talented little scientists, all you amazing moms out there?

6 Comments on “Observations of a Mother

  1. These are all so true!! I loved reading this post, each and every observation!


    • Thanks! It seems like once you enter the world of motherhood you experience life in a whole new way! I always love reading your posts. I feel like I can relate so well in some way to every single one. You capture life with kids so well!


  2. Another very wonderful outlook about your life with three lively little boys. Those boys are fortunate to have you and their daddy as their parents. They know that now I’m sure and they will acknowledge it again in their later teenage years and in their early adulthood. Somewhere between those two eras of their lives they will stumble a little as they grow up and think they know everything there is to know. You dear friend will hopefully continue to blog about those years too and all will be well!! Your blogs will help them understand their parents as you understand your boys!! So grateful that God put you and your family in our path. Love to all!! D 🙂


  3. Not only can they top the best actors in the emotions they can evoke, their imaginations can put the best novelists and playwrights to shame.


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